Microtech Bladed Reamer
• Micro-Tech precision reaming system designed to maintain micro tolerances of size and surface finish.
• The reamers are suitable for stationary or rotating
Microtech Fine Boring
• Micro-Tech Fine boring reamers designed to meet customer requirements. This system can incorporate
multi-diameters with chamfer cartridges to eliminate
additional operations.
Microtech Taper Reamer
• Micro-Tech precision Taper Reamers.
With the precision adjustable carbide blade, it is the only secure method of producing Taper Joint holes in automotive steering components.
Tooltech Expanding Reamer
• ALVAN® precision integral expanding reamers for precise finishing of bores from Ø5,80mm to Ø32,10mm.
• Precision expanding reamers for bore diameters from ø17.60mm to ø200.59mm, with replaceable cutting rings.
• Modular expanding reamers for precise finishing of bores from ø5.80mm to ø45.60mm, available with
adjustable and non-adjustable replaceable cutting heads.
Tooltech Carbide Reamer
• Tooltech carbide reamers all have extreme
asymmetric flutes, which allow bores to be produced to exacting tolerances of size and surface finish.
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